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Buffalo Pizza

"Our Review of the Best Pizza"

Best Pizza in Buffalo

Buffalo has some of the best pizza in the country. It is hard for the major pizza chains to compete against the locally owned pizza operators.

Buffalo has a long history of great local pizza. Bocce Club Pizza has been a long time Buffalo favorite and now has a few locations in the suburbs. La Nova Pizza has been around since 1957 and has won numerous awards for its incredibly tasty pizza. Including #1 Independent Pizzeria in the U.S. by Pizza and Pasta magazine.

Santoras Pizza has been in Buffalo since 1927 and features Pizza and traditional Italian food.

It is hard to pick the best Pizza in Buffalo because every place has a slightly different Pizza crust, sauce, toppings, or how it is cooked. One thing is certain Buffalo Pizza is some of the best in the country.

Menu Bocce Club Pizza
4174 Bailey Ave
Buffalo, NY 14226
716 833 1344

Bocce Club Buffalo Pizza has been one of Buffalo' favorite Pizza places since they opened in 1946. Every ingredient is fresh and home made and the sauce is deliciously prepared each day. Bocce Club Pizza has received wide spread acclaim for its pizza dough. At some places you may like the sauce but not the crust, or crust but not the sauce. At Bocce's you will love all of it. Each ingredient fits together for a delicious pizza. Cooked in blazing hot ovens the crust has a nice crunch to it and the pepperoni is slightly toasted. They also serve chicken wings, whole wheat, white, Hawaiian, Vegetarian, and gluten free pizza. They are more than just a Buffalo Pizza place, you can get subs, wings and a Haddock fish fry. There are always specials so ask when you call in. You can also get a half baked pizza to take home or have it Fedexed to anywhere in the country. This could be the best Pizza in Buffalo.

Menu La Nova Pizza
371 West Ferry Street
Buffalo, NY 14213
716 881 3355

La Nova Pizzeria opened their doors in 1957 and has been serving award winning pizza every since. They were voted the Number One Independent Pizza Place in the country. They won the award because only the highest quality ingredients go into every pizza. The Buffalo Pizza place is known for large servings and great service. Since it is family owned and operated a lot of pride goes into providing Buffalo with the best Pizza around. La Nova Pizza serves New York Style Pizza, you can get it by the slice or the giant 30 inch Pizza. There is a long list of pizzas; Steak Pizza, White Pizza, Chicken Pizza, Garlic, Five Cheese, meat lovers, Deep crust Hawaiian, and so many more options. They not only serve a great pizza, but you can get some great subs, salads, wings, party trays, burger's, tacos, appetizers, and so much more. This is one of the best Buffalo Pizza places with delicious award wining pizza and more.

Menu LaPorta's Pizza
485 W Klein Rd
Buffalo - Williamsville, NY 14221
(716) 688-7740

LaPorta's is a family owned Buffalo Pizza place that has been around of over 30 years. They make their pizza the traditional way using only the freshest ingredients. Laporta's is located in Williamsville just a few miles from the Buffalo Airport. They pizza is delicious and there are several to choose from; Gluten free, Greek pizza, white pizza, buffalo chicken, margherita, vegetarian, and some special Chicken Parmigian Pizza and Steak pizza. There is more than just pizza on the menu. Select from some great subs, wraps, chicken wings, chicken fingers, calzones, salads and seafood like a fish fry or shrimp dinner. They have several pizza specials and you can combine chicken wings with pizza, calzones, or antipasto. If you are looking for the best pizza in Buffalo, give this one a try.

Menu Amherst Pizza and Ale House
55 Crosspointe Parkway
Buffalo - Getzville, NY 14068
716 625 - 7100

Craft beer and great Pizza, it doesn't get any better than this. The Amherst Pizza and Ale House is the place to have pizza, drink beer, and watch sports on over 20 high definition televisions. Even ESPN thinks so. They also have the NFL Sunday Ticket and NHL Center Ice so you never have to miss a game. This Buffalo Pizza place has won awards for best Pizza, best place to watch sports, best wings, and so may more. They are proud of their pizza and will show up at any pizza competition or event to prove it. And they have winning several Pizza Fest competitions. They have over 100 beers either on tap or in the bottle, so there is always one waiting to be tasted. There is more than just pizza. The menu is long and has several different burger's, Fried Shrimp, Fish Fry, appetizers like nachos, garlic bread, mac and cheese, french fries, peppers, quesadillas. It doesn't end there, you can get chicken fingers, award winning chicken wings, tacos, wraps, subs, salads, specialty sandwiches, and so much more. And of course their award winning pizza. The Amherst Pizza and Ale House is a great place to go and hang out with friends and maybe bite into the best pizza in Buffalo.

Menu Leonardi's Pizza
614 Grover Cleveland Hwy
Buffalo - Amherst, NY 14226
716 835 8700

Leonardi's Pizza is a family owned Pizzeria that opened in 1972 and serves some of the best pizza in Buffalo. They continue to win awards for preparing some of the best pizza including; Best Traditional, Best Gourmet, and Best Pizza at Pizza Fest. They use fresh ingredients and want to bring a little bit of Italy to each pizza. They serve a fabulous traditional pizza and some great specialty pizzas like their white pizza, four season pizza, Hawaiian Pizza, and chicken finger. Pick up a half baked one to take home. The chicken wings are excellent. You can also get submarine sandwiches both hot and cold, including Italian capocolla which you won't find everywhere.

Menu Joes New York Style Pizza
345 Amherst St
Buffalo, NY
(716) 447-0165

Joe's New York Style pizza features all the traditional pizzas but also has a lot of specialty pizzas like; White Pizza, Deep Dish Chicken, Buffalo Chicken, BBQ Chicken, Spinach, Broccoli, Greek, Vegetarian, Margarita, and more. They also have a great selection of cold and hot subs including steak and chicken. Its more than just a Buffalo Pizza and Submarine sandwich shop. Its a restaurant serving a full range of pasta entrees like; Spaghetti with clam sauce, rigatoni, penne pasta, fettuccine and more. There are a few appetizers, salads, soups, and a haddock fish fry at a great price.

Menu Just Pizza
300 Elmwood Ave
Buffalo, NY 14222

Just Pizza is a great place to get the best pizza in Buffalo. This Buffalo Pizza place opened in 1992 and now serves over 75 different types of pizza. Everything is fresh with home made dough, whole milk Mozzarella and daily produce delivered each day. The pizza is excellent having won "Best Slice" award. The traditional pizza is perfect. You can get some great specialty crusts like; Sesame Seed, Cajun, Hot Pepper, Onion, whole wheat, gluten free, and more. There is almost an endless list of the different types of pizza so if you are really looking to try something different, this is the pizza place for you. The wings are perfectly cooked and they have over 25 different types of sauces so try them all. The menu also has hot and cold subs, salads, tacos, BBQ ribs, shrimp, fish fry, chicken fingers, potato skins and a lot more. For some great Buffalo pizza, subs, dinners and more, try out one of the eleven locations in the Buffalo area.

Menu Franco's Pizza
1924 Eggert Rd
Buffalo - Amherst, NY 14226

Franco's Pizza in Buffalo started serving some great pizza to Buffalonians in 1979. They now have five locations in the Buffalo area. They too are committed to using only the freshest ingredients to make sure they serve the best pizza possible. This is true for everything on their menu. And there is a lot on the menu with several types of gourmet pizza, veggie pizza, white pizza, taco, chicken, Hawaiian, BBq, Spinach, and much more. This Buffalo Pizza place also have plenty of starters to choose from with onion rings, french fries, bread stix, cole slaw, potato wedges. The menu also features Salads, Wings, Tacos, Deli Submarine Sandwiches, and several types of wraps. Franco's is a great place to come in sit down and have a great meal at a reasonable price.

Bona Pizza
3038 Bailey Ave
Buffalo, NY 14215

Menu John and Mary's Pizza
6425 Transit Rd
Buffalo - Depew, NY 14043

John and Mary's opened their doors in 1952 and now have nine locations in the Buffalo Area. They started with submarine sandwiches which are still the best in the area. They may also have the best pizza in Buffalo. They have the traditional pizza along with several types of specialty pizzas. The menu also features Hot and Cold subs, Monster subs, spaghetti, chicken parmigiana, haddock fish fry, salads, wraps, chicken wings, chicken fingers, burritos, tacos, nachos, fajitas, and a lot more.

Menu Santora's Pizza
1402 Millersport Highway
Buffalo - Williamsville, NY 14221
716 688 3081

Santora's Pizza in Buffalo may have the record for the oldest Buffalo Pizza place. They opened in 1927 and it is still family operated. The pizza has always been a favorite and is a part of the history of Buffalo. Now they have an extensive menu and some great beers to go along with that pizza. The menu is really extensive with a very long list of starters including calamari, buffalo shrimp, portobello mushrooms, nachos, potato skins and a lot more. They also have a long list of salads and soups. The amount of entree choices is staggering with pastas, seafood, burger's, wraps, sandwiches, calzones, and a ton more. Santora's is a great place to go for a fun night with great food, beer, and atmosphere.

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